Local Life

The Mudhouse is located on the outskirts of a typical, rural, Sri Lankan village.

The majority of the people are farmers and the area is surrounded by acres of paddy fields which are irrigated by the various tanks (lakes).

Most of the roads are made of earth earth and the local village of Paramakanda was only connected to mains electricity in 2012.

Friday is market day in the nearest town, Anamaduwa, and traders from across the region converge to create a colourful fair which is well worth a visit. The town is slowly moving with the times but retains a very old, simple charm.

Buddhism is the predominant religion of the area, although there are also Christian and Muslim villages nearby. Anamaduwa District is a predominantly Sinhalese area although the main town is much more diverse, as is the wider Puttalam District as a whole.

Anamaduwa is often renowned around the country for its colourful role in national politics and the area has given birth to several eminent politicians. The area is home to a very proud and traditional way of life, with history buried wherever you look.

As with all of Sri Lanka’s districts, Puttalam has a plethora of surprisingly interesting, and little-known, things to see and do.

Largely untouched by tourism, the region has escaped mass development, and the fact that guidebooks somehow devote so little attention to it is probably a huge blessing.