The Mudhouse would be nothing without the people whose endless efforts keep the show going and evolving.

Behind the visible service and kitchen teams is a network of people, often out of sight, without whom we could not run. The ladies who sweep the paths every day, the villagers who prune the plants on the farm, the carpenters who craft the furniture and the team that wash and iron the laundry by hand – it takes a large number of people’s passion, dedication, craftsmanship and energy to create and maintain The Mudhouse. We are proud of the team we have and hope you will enjoy our idea of hospitality.

The Mudhouse was started in 2005 by two friends, Kumar and Tom, and has slowly grown into the operation we find today. Most of the staff come from the local village with a few members from slightly further afield.

The Mudhouse is committed to the  principles of responsible, community-based tourism. The project aims to create as much local employment and benefit as possible and, through retaining largely traditional processes, remains deliberately labour intensive.