Bird Watching

An early morning bird watching walk around the small lanes and paths surrounding The Mudhouse is one of our most popular activities. Indeed, many guests discover the joys of bird watching here for the first time and are pleasantly surprised by the delights of listening to the early morning songs and following the many species though the tree canopies.

From the absolute beginner to the die-hard enthusiast, there is something to interest everyone here. The ‘dawn chorus’ is for many a natural alarm clock and an audible reference to the multitude of species that may be encountered. Indeed, we have already documented well over 100 species of birds at The Mudhouse and suspect there may be many more.

A typical Bird Watching trip would start with an early morning cup of tea in your hut before gently strolling the lanes and paths. The various lakes are often hotspots for a flurry of colourful specimens, but it can be just exciting trying to catch a quick glimpse of the smaller species hiding in the forest cover. The walk tends to last for an hour or two, and we return for a shower followed by a hearty breakfast.

The Mudhouse has quality binoculars and many specialist bird books for you to identify all your sightings. Many birds can be spotted in and around the huts and we always keep a pair of binoculars in each hut for anything requiring closer inspection. (Photos: courtesy Paola Fornari)