Cooking Lessons

The Mudhouse serves traditional village cuisine cooked the traditional way – with clay pots and firewood hearths. In many ways, the kitchen is the real heart of The Mudhouse – a large thatched building that has grown with time to be able to produce meals around the clock for guests and staff alike.

Cooking lessons are possible in either the morning or afternoon, in order to prepare the meals for lunch or dinner. Much of the produce used is harvested fresh from the farm and delivered directly to the kitchen. You can discover how to prepare some of the delicious local recipes from scratch.

The lessons usually comprise of teaching whatever is on the menu for that given day, but if there are any dishes in particular you would like to learn we can add them to the menu!

With no mains electricity there is also no fridge in the kitchen, meaning that all dishes are prepared fresh and not kept or preserved. Learning to cook the traditional way is both labour and time intensive but, we feel, is directly reflected in the flavour of the food.

Many guests discover new dishes at The Mudhouse. Beyond the standard rice and curry dishes you will find across Sri Lanka, we also prepare numerous special regional and seasonal dishes.

The cooking lessons are informal and fun and conducted by our two main cooks and the rest of the kitchen team.