Dolphin Watching

Between November and April it is possible to go dolplin watching off the Kalpitiya Peninsula. Groups of hundreds of spinner dolphins congregate to frolic in the calm morning waters.

The drive from The Mudhouse to Kalpitiya is approximately an hour and fifteen minutes. We tend to leave early from The Mudhouse and have breakfast on arrival at our partner resort on the beach. It’s then thirty minutes to an hour boat ride out to sea to the area where these exhibitionists can be seen doing their thing.

It is sometimes possible to see sperm whales too, although it is necessary to travel further out to sea to witness these majestic creatures.

Local suppliers are fully licensed and pay all local government and wildlife department taxes. There is an additional charge for this excursion. Prices will vary depending on the numbers in the group and the transport arrangements. Please contact us for more details. It is possible to arrange this excursion from The Mudhouse without pre-booking in advance.