Traditional Sri Lankan meals are prepared the traditional way, using clay pots and firewood.

Rice and curry is the staple of the country and we offer a huge variety of dishes at any given time.

There is no menu as such – meals are prepared according to what is in season and most fresh. We don’t tend to serve much meat as we find it hard to source quality produce locally. Fish, however, is a different story. Being surrounded by lakes and only 30 km from the coast, there is a range of sea and fresh water fish available throughout the year.

Vegetarians will be happy here and a wide selection of grains, pulses, seeds, vegetables and fruits are prepared daily – many in ways you may not have come across previously.

Much of the produce is sourced from our own organic farm, with other ingredients purchased locally from farmers or from the market in town. All meals are included in the price. If you have any special requests we will always try to accommodate them. You can also learn how to cook any of your favourite dishes in our complimentary cooking classes. 

Special, non-spicy, dishes can be prepared for children. Similarly, we will always do our best to prepare meals accordingly for people with special diet requirements or allergies.

Meal times and dining locations are up to you – if you want breakfast in bed at lunchtime, or dinner at midnight, it is no trouble for us.