Nature Trails

Spend a couple of hours exploring the various different habitats in and around The Mudhouse.

On a typical trail we look in a bit more detail at the local environment, identifying different species of trees and plants to looking in more depth at the overall concept and landscaping.

Explore the design and architecture of the various buildings at The Mudhouse as well as how it works in terms of water, recycling, reforestation and other details of running such an operation. Look more closely the lakes and how they support complex networks of life, before finishing with a tour of our own farm.

It often possible to spot lots of different wildlife on such walks, with varieties depending on the particular season. This trip is particularly good for kids and families, although can be enjoyed by all. You can often grab a swim at the same time, depending on the time of year.

Nature Trails are possible at any time of day and are quite varied in their content, unlike bird watching trips, which are more focused and require an earlier start.