Tonigla Rock Inscription

The inscriptions at nearby Tonigala date from various periods, including some from the great the Anuradhapura and Polonnaruwa Kingdoms. Some specifically date back to the first century BC, to the reign of Mahachuli Maha Tissa, who reigned from 50 BC to 47 BC.  One of the inscriptions, at over 100 feet, is considered to be the longest of its kind in Asia.

The  main inscription is thought to be evidence of the oldest financial and banking system in the world, detailing interest rates and conditions for storing grains, paddy and money, and also suggests that Sri Lanka had one of the earliest known forms of open market economy.

The script used is Old Brahmi, and the inscription can be seen replicated in paintings at many temples in the area. The inscription is ‘protected’ by a rather crude iron fence, which probably won’t last a fraction of the time the script has been here!

Tonigala Rock is surrounded by a couple of beautiful lakes and is a lovely spot to catch the sunset. The unusual rock formations make for a charming walk and the views from the top are superb. It is possible to get to Tonigala by bike, tuk-tuk, traktor or vehicle – the choice is yours…