The Mudhouse is an ideal location for families and a great place to explore and learn about a less technological way of living.

Departing families frequently remark about just how much their kids have enjoyed their experience here and how much the parents have enjoyed seeing their children roam so freely.

Our huts are suited to families with kids of all ages – some where you can all stay together in a single hut, and some where you can give older kids a degree of autonomy but remain very close to each other for mutual peace of mind.

Our child rates are also designed to make The Mudhouse accessible for families of all sizes. A baby cot can be added to any of the huts at no additional charge. We can also prepare special, non-spicy food for kids.

All of our activities can be specially tailored to involve children and there is no limit to the number of activities you can do whilst here – they are all included in the price and all there to be enjoyed. The Mudhouse offers a very safe environment for children to roam and play in – a real opportunity to put the iPads away for a few days.

A stay at the Mudhouse can also be very educational for children, where some of the real challenges facing the world in terms of environmental sustainability and methods of harnessing energy and sourcing food can addressed in a fun and easily understandable way.

Sri Lankan culture is very child-friendly in general. Most of the staff have families themselves and are experienced in accommodating children into everyday life. Babysitters can be arranged, although most huts are designed so that you can put the kids to bed and keep an eye on them while still enjoying yourself at the same time.

If you see any Angry Birds here, the the experience might just be a bit more meaningful and memorable than most…