We are pleased to announce our latest addition to our range of accommodation at The Mudhouse.

This new, stilted hut is part of the Original Mudhouse area, and now means that couples have a choice of places to sleep and makes the space suitable for families also.

The hut is raised above the tree canopy and overlooks the local village lake. When the current season is over, and we have a bit more time and space, we plan to replace the existing wooden floor with old railway sleepers which we have sourced from the railway department near Kandy. Unfortunately, this wood didn’t arrive in time (like many things in Sri Lanka!) and there is quite a lot of paperwork still to be done to secure the right permits and licences to transport the wood. The wooden stairs and handrails will also be changed and updated.

The hut will have two single beds (currently under construction in the workshop) that can be pulled together to create a double as required. We will take some new pictures in due course, but here’s a quick snap as a teaser. Hope you like it – thankfully, the initial feedback from guests has been very good.