Since our first days at The Mudhouse, water has been the scarcest and most valuable of resources. Being in the ‘dry zone’ area of the country we are accustomed to occasional drought periods and the water shortages they can bring.

After much procrastination and great expense, we recently completed construction of a new 30 foot well located close to the main entrance. It took a gigantic effort to build, with all the regular construction team that have been together over the years involved.

Having the new well will hopefully ensure that we have water throughout the year without any more headaches (famous last words). There were a couple of very memorable occasions in the past when we almost ran out of water for the showers whilst we had guests – we had to pour water from a bowser into the well whilst guests used it in their huts, totally oblivious to the drama.

The old well will now function as a back up to the main water tank and also provide water for the kitchen. The lower demand will mean that the solar powered pump we already have will be powerful enough to labour away unassisted.