We recently had the opportunity to host Ayanthi, Dirk and the staff of Red Dot Tours for a weekend company trip.

The theme of the weekend was a traditional ‘avurudu’ (lunar new year) festival. Lots of traditional, wonderfully fun and silly games were played. Sack Racing, Pillow-Fighting, Bun-Scoffing and Egg-Catching provided some noteworthy duels.

For some of the games we playfully went head to head for prizes – Red Dot vs Mudhouse; no holds bared. The Colombo muscles proved too strong for the Mudhouse all-star team in the tug-of-war contest. There was an improvised cricket match to finish things off in the afternoon where the underdogs might have prevailed – we forget the precise outcome.

Blind-Folded Yoghurt Quaffing was particularly close. We are privately hoping that Red Dot will use their cricket connections and expertise to facilitate the introduction of a ‘Hawk-Eye’ review system to make the tension more bearable next time.

The night was a time for dancing, with Red Dot’s in-house Groove Machine supplying the beats throughout a marathon session on the wheels. Our head farmer, Jayakodi Uncle, suffered a couple of muscle strains from danclefloor-related exertion and was excused from his duties the following day with no questions asked.

It was our sincere pleasure to welcome some of our old aquantances back and to finally meet many of the team that we had never crossed-paths with before. Much fun was had and we certainly look forward to welcoming them all back next year. We thanks Red Dot for all their support over years and hope the team enjoyed their stay with us.