The Palu Hut

The Palu Hut is designed in an unconventional ‘V’ shape, with three beds on each side of the hut. There are two luggage/changing rooms, two outdoor showers and two bathrooms – accessed by raised stone pathways.

The roof is a combination of thatch, giving different shades and textures to the various areas of the hut. The rammed earth floor has several levels down to an outdoor seating area and garden. Inside the hut, hammocks are slung liberally and the large cushioned lounge area can also be used for dining.

The Palu Hut can is suitable for couples, families or small groups and the set-up is tailored to the size and requirements of the people staying there.

All huts are equipped with binoculars, cool boxes, mosquito nets, towels, blankets, bird books and bikes for exploring the property.