The Family Hut & Honeymoon Hut

The Family Hut has two double beds and a large, open plan lounge area. There are full walls on two sides and low walls on the other two, with built-in storage cupboards for luggage.

The outdoor shower is one of our most wild, whilst the western toilet is in an enclosed hut with great jungle views. The most striking and distinctive element of the design is probably the split-level thatched roof, which lets in plenty of light and air.

Adjacent to the Family Hut is the Honeymoon Hut, so-called as it was first built for a wedding we hosted in this part of our land some years ago.

Shaped like a hexagon, the Honeymoon Hut has a double bed and is raised from the ground by a series of small stilts. Around the perimeter of the hut are rattan blinds which can be lowered as desired. A stone walkway links the hut to the outdoor shower and covered wash room.

These two huts are part of the same ‘zone’ and are not rented to different parties of guests at the same time.

All huts are equipped with binoculars, cool boxes, mosquito nets, towels, blankets, bird books and bikes for exploring the property.