The Original Mudhouse

The Original Mudhouse was, as the name suggests, our very first creation. As with all our huts, it has slowly changed and evolved over the years into what we find today.

The main house has one double master bedroom, an inside western toilet, separate luggage room, central living area and a covered veranda with chairs and hammocks. The roof was repaired, re-thatched and raised a few back to provide more light and air.

A second stilted structure offers two single beds that overlook the local lake. An separate enclosure houses the outdoor shower and washing area. There is a dome shaped hut for private dining (it is your choice to have meals served there or in the main restaurant) and an al-fresco hut that can be used as a lounge/daybed or as an additional bedroom.

All huts are equipped with binoculars, cool boxes, mosquito nets, towels, blankets, bird books and a bike each for exploring the property.